Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Be Thankful.. Farid

Today, i cried my heart out driving my way to work thinking how messed up my life is at the moment. just as i thought id be relieved of 3-quart of my burden by end of this month..another 1 and a half arisen! why oh why? car insurance-credit cards-bills bills bills..i should've known not to idly applied to get a taste of debts! itu lah..gatal namanye! orang kata jangan, degil!

No matter how much Im at debt or had deeply dug my own shithole, I still hav the people I love around me-to kiss me better n to turn to,I still hav the option of favourite restaurants to buka puasa in, I still hav my car to drive to work, still hav my comfy bed n pillow to slump in tonight, hav a job with a company which is generous enough to give occasional bonus to help me with my debts-despite self-proclaimed authorised colleague to share my workplace with (I can always see it all as a form of entertainment, kan?), no matter how much I'm owing the banks, I can still spare some money to burn for fun (ciggies!) =( ..and I can't help but wonder, after all that God has shown us of The Mighty's ability to take it all away within a blink of an eye..why do we still need to see more disasters n tragedy to be reminded that we shouldn't be questioning our luck and be thankful of what we have instead?

now i feel shitty for complaining too much, but at least-we can all learn from my mistake..kan?Let's say our Alhamdulillah and minimise as much on unnecessaries..

Ya Allah, please provide much help and shelter for the needy..jauhkan kami dari bala' n waba'..Amin