Monday, March 29, 2010

yezza.. March.. (Rehab Mode)

Achoo..achoo.. berhabuk sudah blog nie.. its been awhile didnt update
hmm..lets see.. now its 3.21am
Lets see what i miss this past few month..


ramai gak yang tanya mana hilang?? sepi tanpa berita.. well guys sorry for not update to all of u,below ni short snap!sebenarnyer ade,just kinda bz a bit..

-January aritu pg bercuti kat sabah with all facebook members.. (Mabul island)
Guest what i did my dive there.. 20 Metre deep..
Thanks to sifu Jeff and Mike allen..
(Later will upload the pic)


-Febuary.. soon after come back from holiday.. work is killing me.. adess..adess..
but thank god manage to do everything in time..
-Birthday bash - Celebrate with love ones family and friend, thanks for all the wishes..
-planning to for climbing mount kinabalu on end of june,hmm..everything has been organize,now tgh workout for stamina..
- miss all my family,friends,sibling (all of them asking mana ilang)..
-thinking to further study.. ( Course)??hmm..


- hmmm.. per lg ek.. too many things to tell and share..will updates to u guys soon..

To all of u outhere that keep in touch with me through email,facebook,sms,mms,voicemail and many more.. thanks guys for still keep in touch with me,still on rehab mode..i still remember u guys and insyallah we will keep in touch soon.