Saturday, May 2, 2009

~Happy Sangat !~

Today labour day..not much activity today,feel like missing one..yes its true i missing sum1,but i dont know whether she feel the same to activity for today is rest and relax after so long working.

Back to the feeling,suddenly i thinking bout her and i miss her i take my phone and should i call her?will she answer my call? macam2 perasaan bermain didalam fikiran nie..

Then i start to dial the number..a ringing tone then there`s the voice that i never heard for a quite long time,a voice that i miss most..Hello,can i speak to ....., yeah speaking..How are u? When she reply,i feel really happy,suke sgt,surprise and many more,even is not even 3 minutes the conversation cause she`s packing and gng back to hometown.Just wish her safe journey..

After hang up,rasa happy sgt..Anyway i wish her everything will be alright,to her if she happen to read my blog just want to let u know that i miss u so much,really miss u,i wish we could be together back..