Friday, April 17, 2009

I`m Confuse+Miss+Sad

Case 1
This week not much thing happen to me,bru baik demam since 10 april aritu,then life back to normal,bz working and complete all my task and assignment which has i receive from my boss..

Then Suddenly i do feel sumting different bout me..well i dont want to talk bout this anymore actually,cukupla it has happen to me till makes me sad a lot,no doubt bout it sumtimes i think of her and to make this feeling go away,just get myself bz with work and doing sumthing.she`s so special to me but our relation didnt turn up as well..

Case 2
I`ve known this 1 gurl in net,she`s young.Let me mention her By the name of S, she`s such a very nice person,even we havent talk to each other B4,but we do chat,suddenly my heart and feels towards her arise,automatically arise,but she did mention to me about sumting,which im ok with that,just i feel sumting inside my heart and feeling,should i just mention to her that i like her or just being quiet and this feeling keep hurting me as i keep it for myself,its sound`s crazy and mybe u all with judge or say how can possibility u never met or talk and u can have a feeling towards her??
There are so many things I wish I could tell her, but I can't. I'm not sure if she would ever understand because I don't understand half of it. I want to be with you so bad, but I'm so afraid of getting hurt and because of that, I end up getting hurt more. I really think there's a reason that I like her so much. Like something is telling me not to let her go. Every time I follow my heart... it leads me to her. I mean... what other explanation is there. Why is it that she is all I can think about? Why is it that no matter how upset I am... when i see her and I can't help but smile? Why is it that when she smiles at me... I get that feeling in my heart?? Answer me that, and then I'll tell you why I miss her so much.
well for me I'm going to smile like nothings wrong, talk like everythings perfect, act like it's all a dream, and pretend it's not hurting me.

God pls give me strength and show me the way..

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear (SC)

To you a very special person on this your birthday,
The best of everything and your wishes come true,
May you never be left alone to celebrate on this day,
To bring joy to you, for being you in so many ways,

Making this your day special is an honor that I cherish,
To make you smile, make you laugh, make you cry for joy,
Sharing with you, making memories on this your birthday,
Looking forward to celebrating many more to come with you,

Beauty and wisdom comes with the passage of time they say,
But Darling there is no one as beautiful, vibrant and loving as you,
Age is irrelevant for there is no one as special to me as you are,
If only to have spent the birthdays of your past just being with you,

So to you my Dear on this your birthday I give to you,
All the happiness, joy, beauty, passion, kindness, peace, spiritually,
And may these be ever so abundant in your life from now and evermore,
Most of all, I give to you with honor my undying devotion and all my love..

Monday, April 6, 2009

fever + Cough

woooo....arini kat office kepala sakit sgt,dah la mlm td tdur asik terjaga2,so went to the office this morning,rasa sakit sgt kepala,nak demam,then on the evening is comfirm that i got fever,going back home while driving,rasa my forehead teramatla panas,(25C u gotta be kidding),test using termometer,so sampai umah,trus take my bath lpak watch tv`s,while watch tv ader plak caugh..arrgh..i hate this..this 3 month is gonna be tough month for me..assignment and new task at werk..

Hurm..kan best if this moments ader seseorang yg took care of u, hate to be alone..

anyways works is still works..u can do it farid..that`s the spirit.. if not okay gak terpaksa la telan panadol jer..hurm..i wondering..wondering..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nasi Ayam Penyek!!!

White Rice
Kacang Rebus
Ayam Penyek 1
Ayam penyek 2

Month of March..i waz in Johor( Hometown ). Mase nie balik to see all my family,Masa kat johor manage too kuar gak ngan my best frenz Afrina, pickup die balik keja,then kitorang pun kuar la g makan petang tue,decide2 mana nak makan kat maner and makan aper,then i suggest makan Nasi ayam penyek yang orang kata agak popular kat johor nie,sebab dier pun xpenah makan.(hehehehe..)so nak tau how its looks like and aper rase,then die pun guide la jalan ke restoran itew.. sampai je kat stu aku pun trus order nasi ayam penyek..Nasi ayam penyek satu!!!
So inilah rupe Nasi ayam penyek tue,simple jer sebenarnyer,tp sambal dier..mak aaihh..podeh..but its very nice and i enjoy it..

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

~Missing in March~

bulan 3,full of surprise and things that happen to me..
well bulan 3 nie bulan yang agak and i didnt update my blog at all,well ramai gak tanya mane ilang and so on..Account FB kena ceroboh and got delete..tue yg sedih sgt..but anyway,thanks to all yg patiet and i manage to get my FB account up in other way..disebabkan keadaan yang agak sibuk i didnt get to update my blog as well.But thanks again to all who yg keep in touch through phone,sms and email.