Monday, April 6, 2009

fever + Cough

woooo....arini kat office kepala sakit sgt,dah la mlm td tdur asik terjaga2,so went to the office this morning,rasa sakit sgt kepala,nak demam,then on the evening is comfirm that i got fever,going back home while driving,rasa my forehead teramatla panas,(25C u gotta be kidding),test using termometer,so sampai umah,trus take my bath lpak watch tv`s,while watch tv ader plak caugh..arrgh..i hate this..this 3 month is gonna be tough month for me..assignment and new task at werk..

Hurm..kan best if this moments ader seseorang yg took care of u, hate to be alone..

anyways works is still works..u can do it farid..that`s the spirit.. if not okay gak terpaksa la telan panadol jer..hurm..i wondering..wondering..


@Fr!^n@ said...

get well soon mr farid.. take enough ret so that u can recover very fast..:>
sorry bout last few night.. very nantok laaa.. cleepy.. heee

Nurul | Yot | Yati said...

jgn fikir keje sangat.telan ubat tido jek..badan tak cukup rest tu