Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~A Text From sumone~

Hey there peeps..its me again..i have a new story to share..actually thre is a story,its about my life and a girl i known,actually this girl i known from a good friend on mine,she`s working in kuala lumpur,at first we met things looks fine,we going out for several of time,but as u all know not every story ending with happiness rite..

ok here the story first we use to go out,things quite seem ok for me untill i was assign to seek for a new project,went outstation and so on,so as for me..really bz with all my werk,which i have to limit my spending time out with all my frenz and including her,i admit there was a silence from me for sumtime,so this is where the nightmare begin,she said that where have u gone without telling her,call or sms.actually is not that i trying to avoided her or sumting,honestly said all my frenz said that im dissapearing without telling, but i do let all my fren know where am i even not all of them know or seem to be bothered.ok back to the stories she said that she calls me and her calls was unattend or been she feels like she been left alone.i told her that i been bz,is not forgetting her or sumting.but lately we can say that we are not like lasttime which we can smile,chat, turns into a fight which i really dont like and makes me feels very piss off sumtime.she keep telling me 'whats our status,whats my feeling to her??"so tell me peeps,should i answer that question after being spending time with her and told her what happen to me which really makes me scared to fall in love again..

she said that action speaks louder than words,yes i do agree and im sure u all with i did tell her..give me time and i really need a time to forget all those sad things which is still bothering till today..but what do u things if everytime she calls and asking the same question and quarell about this little things,answer me peeps...well at last i receive a text 'Sorry for everything,Xpe u xpayah jawab lg soalan bodoh i from me,its clearly u take me as a friend kan??I minta maaf..Jangan cari ****** lg pasni" and i was like kind of blur,what did i do wrong, i never said anything and i assume that was last text from i only can say im sorry too,mybe things doesnt workout bettween us.

At last i wish her Happy Ramadan and Sorry for everything.