Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P Michael Jackson

Firstly i was shock when hear of this news cause im one of the biggest fan,Heard that suddenly the heart stop beating and it waz comfirm that he died at age 50. setiap yang hidup pasti akan kembali kepadanya.To all Michael Jackson fans outhere,lets just pray for him.Al-Fatihah..

Sunday, June 14, 2009


13 june.. satu hari x mkn disebabkan keja,so mlm after camne back from home,waz thinking about aku plan cooking aku pun cook la..masuk kitchen,survey tgk aper nak nampak la baked aku pun cook la ala western skit..first aku cut onion then gaul ngan bake beans,rebus kentang campur ngan mayonis and pepper,then buat scramble egg with pepper..and not to forget rebus inilah hasilnyer..its a nice meal..really enjoy it..if korang nak resipi nanti aku bg..sekejap jer tooks u about 15 minutes to prepare..

Friday, June 12, 2009

~A Few Things Happen~

ok back to the story..there a few thing happens in month of may and june which makes me think whole hell alot..First work..since dah masuk half year ni..tgk keje cam banyak pulak but i take it as a challenge for me,kekadang tue lewat mlm bru blk..kekadang tue rasa ingat nak bawak pillow jer kat office..hehehe..
Case 2
Got to know this 1 gurl,but she`s older than first scared sgt want to be in relationship after what happen,but i said to myself until when wanna be sad and loneliness,at first we become frenz and i began to like her and start to fell for her,i hope she feel the same like what i feel for her rite now,anyway its still new and im giving the pure me in loving her.i wish this relation could last till the ends.Amin..i love u dear,only god knows how much i miss u..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

holiday to mabul and sipadan island

5 june yg bru lpas nie aku and member aku plan nak pg holiday with my frenz but where to go?? my frenz ajak pg langkawi??huh??!! langkawi?? xmo ahh dah slalu aku plan ngan kawan aku aper kata kalo kiter beralih angin ke west malaysia..goin to island?? my frenz on jer..but where?? dcide and dcide at we all plan gng to sabah.aku dcide ngan member aku come lets go to mabul and sipadan,review a place to stay then my fren pun on ptg tu aku pun text member aku yg kat sabah tue,said that we are coming to sabah for holiday,then dier pun ok jer..and ptg tu jugak beli flight ticket to tawau aku akan fly off on the 3rd of july..yeay!!x sabarnyer nak cuti and pg merehatkan diri..lama dah xpegi flight ticket dah bought accomadation pun dah book..tinggal nak pg jer..cant wait to go ..for all of u my frenz nanti aku bawakkan korang seashell yer..huahuahua..this 2 picture is where is located and the picture lain akan dui update soon..Lets gone..
GO GO Holiday!!