Friday, June 12, 2009

~A Few Things Happen~

ok back to the story..there a few thing happens in month of may and june which makes me think whole hell alot..First work..since dah masuk half year ni..tgk keje cam banyak pulak but i take it as a challenge for me,kekadang tue lewat mlm bru blk..kekadang tue rasa ingat nak bawak pillow jer kat office..hehehe..
Case 2
Got to know this 1 gurl,but she`s older than first scared sgt want to be in relationship after what happen,but i said to myself until when wanna be sad and loneliness,at first we become frenz and i began to like her and start to fell for her,i hope she feel the same like what i feel for her rite now,anyway its still new and im giving the pure me in loving her.i wish this relation could last till the ends.Amin..i love u dear,only god knows how much i miss u..