Wednesday, December 10, 2008

last week flow..

last week nyer flow not so good raya haji at Johor,drive back from johor sampai ptg ngan jalan jem kat seremban..its killing me..then next day ready for werk..

talk bout werk lak,me ok la,cume x ngam werking dgn my new boss..(lady)..chinese from penang..huhuhu..dah la sombong..observe she knows everything..At last kena gak mase board meeting ngan my colleague..well she deserve it..

currently tgh demam and flu so not feeling well,need more rest,rest and rest.. hurm now thinking for chrismast holiday and planning what to do on that day,mybe just hangout with all my frenz..
suggestion anyone..

things to do B4 Chrismasts
  • dye my hair..what colour ek..brown,red,higlight blue hurm..etc..
  • buy shoes..
  • dress to wear
Still undecided yet..