Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sepetang bersama Facebookers JayBee and KL

fiza,cd and me
bro razak my,me,fiza,Kay marina

pic session

tok nujum sampai terbaring

fiza khusyuk mengupload video

matahari,kay marina and fiza
picture session 2
ish..ish..kuat nyer makan.. :)
cd and fiza
normas fazly tok nujum and imran masadi
fiza and birthday gurl kay marina
picture shoot 3
picture shoot 4
aksi candid terbaik fiza
borak2 sambil facebook
18 july 2pm, 50 Facebook members from Johor arive here in KL, here is all the picture facebook members gath from jb and kl,makan2 di pelita klcc,then the action continue at Flamingo bowling centre.Suasana memang meriah,dah macam2 aksi and gelagat,anyway there all memang best and very sporting,tambah plak ader birthday gurl..mmg happening that day.. :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Eric John Wedding

Rizal,Julia and Me
Eric John and Wife
Eric John & Wife giving speech to the guest.
mansur kelaparan,syahir dgn muke serious berbincang
enjoying the dinner (mansur,syahir,annuar)bju merah tu aku x kenal ekekeke..
shahri and wife
me, rizal and julia
swarn ice
Ok.. 11 july,eric john wedding,sampai sana around 8 sumting,reach there with my frenz,selamba jer pakai suar pendek,dah macam mat saleh la pulak,anyway the ceremony is nice and simple and thumbs up for the food that being serve on the ceremony.Anyway congratulation tu my boss (Eric John and wife) god bless!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

holiday in sabah Part 4

holiday in sabah Part 3

okay part 3 ni,i will show u the place that i went..ader gmbr sotong kurita lg..ekekeke..the most important thing the water is crystal clear green water..

holiday in sabah Part 2

okay here is part 2 for the picture taken :)

holiday in sabah Part 1

3 July : went for holiday kat sabah,flight 7am in the morning reach tawau arnd 10.15am,sampai jer kat sana,my frenz wait for us at tawau airport,the we all for makan and shop around samporna and tawau.Journey tooks about 1 hour drive..sampai kat sana lak wait for the boat to Mabul island.Reach Mabul island around 2pm.Greets by my Facebook Frenz Scuba jeff,Boat ride from samporna jetty to Mabul island take about 45 minute,but its really nice place when reach there.Rasa happy sgt and tenang.So once arive there,mkn dulu..sbb dah lapar sgt2!..Here is several picture taken during kat sana..its really nice place..the sunset..white sand..really love it..