Sunday, November 22, 2009

~Spiral Spagethi~

hey what`s up peeps.. its me again farid..huhuhu..this time aku nak citer pasal cooks lak,orait here it is,berperang selama 45 minit at kitchen inilah hasilnyer..~Spiral spagethi the name given.haa.. inila yang aku masak for tonite dinner, simple,light and fast.

Ingredient : daging cincang or (mints meat),mushroom,onion,spagethi and of coz for the ketchup me using the preggo pasta sauce with musroom.Duration 45 minute!! so this is the simple dish which prepared by me. So lets enjoy!! cube untuk menajamkan skill..muahahaha..

P/s: kalo korang nak rasa or get the receipe give me a call..muahahaha..(cam celebrity la plaks.. ahakss.. anyway this is several pic yg sempat aku snap..