Friday, May 29, 2009

Family holidays

cuti skola yg baru lepas ni,fmily aku ader ajak aku pg holiday kat coconut island which located in johor,unfortunetly x dpt join because of work purpose..anyway here a few picture that taken during that ..huhuhu..aku kena tinggal lg..:D i miss all them especially my two brothers..danial fuad and danish fauzy.

Friday, May 15, 2009

biggest loser

hello everyone..its been awhile i didnt update my blog..kesibukan yg teramat sangat..
well here is the few highlight wish yg happen dlm bulan mei.dlm kesibukan bekerja,sempat jugak join biggest loser club yg dianjurkan oleh FB frenz..Mr azha..well is good to join his program since me pun its keep up my health,there 6 of us who joining is this program.this is event already started on month of april which the target is 4 month 4 you to lose seberapa banyak weight.stu program health which is good for us.picture and events updates will be update soon.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

~Happy Sangat !~

Today labour day..not much activity today,feel like missing one..yes its true i missing sum1,but i dont know whether she feel the same to activity for today is rest and relax after so long working.

Back to the feeling,suddenly i thinking bout her and i miss her i take my phone and should i call her?will she answer my call? macam2 perasaan bermain didalam fikiran nie..

Then i start to dial the number..a ringing tone then there`s the voice that i never heard for a quite long time,a voice that i miss most..Hello,can i speak to ....., yeah speaking..How are u? When she reply,i feel really happy,suke sgt,surprise and many more,even is not even 3 minutes the conversation cause she`s packing and gng back to hometown.Just wish her safe journey..

After hang up,rasa happy sgt..Anyway i wish her everything will be alright,to her if she happen to read my blog just want to let u know that i miss u so much,really miss u,i wish we could be together back..