Sunday, December 21, 2008

Flash Back dulu-dulu (Part 5)

Racing anyone..???!!
8 years old..hahaha..can see my rabbit teeth..
4 Years old,taken during birthday with my auntie..
At Mekah,masa pegi umrah..
Mekah at the street..

Flash Back dulu-dulu (Part 4)

Hello..whos there..
Me and my lovely grandfather..
Me and My late grandmother..May she rest in peace..Amin..

Flash Back dulu-dulu (Part 3)

With my auntie.. xmo lpas botol..wawawa..
Like to traveling..
Auntie again..
Hse at johor..

Flash Back dulu-dulu (Part 2)

at swimming pool 4 years old
with my grandfather and small pic of me
mintak lpas time nie..hehehe..with my late grandmother
mkn time..yummy..

Flash Back dulu-dulu

hehe ni la aku masa umur 2 -3 thn
outside my hse..nakal time ni..
nak kuar tp xleh..