Saturday, August 15, 2009

My New Girlfriend Application ( Ver.09 )

Girlfriend Application Form
Your Details
Now say that in a language a guy understands:
Hair Length:
Hair Colour:
Body eg. athletic, slim:
Eye Colour:
Do we know eachother:
If not, why:
Are you attracted to me:
If not, why:
If so, what attracts you to me:
Do you consider yourself to be attractive or hot:
Are you a beautiful person inside and out:
Do you want a family of your own:
Are you highly sexual:
What would you do
if you saw me with another girl:
if you picked up my phone and saw msg's from other girls:
if my friend tried to get with you:
would you tell me:
if somebody I knew was seriously hurt:
if somebody close to me died:
if I told you that I quit my job:
if I told you I had to go to court:
if somebody told you they saw me dancing with a girl in a club:
What do you want
in a boyfriend:
in life:
in a career:
in a family:
in your relationship with your friends:
If I were really sick what would you do:
If I needed you straight away would you come:
If the police asked you questions about me would you lie:
If I told you we need a break what would you say:
Do you's:
Do you think you would be a good girlfriend:
Do you think we would get along:
Did you like filling out this survey:
Girls Re-post this as the boyfriend application, changing all female stuff