Sunday, September 21, 2008

I lied..

No..I honestly didn't mean to
No..I don't regret that I came out clean and clarified things
No..I don't wanna be punished for telling you the truth
No..I didn't do anything bad behind ur back
No..I will never embarras u as your boyfriend
No..I don't want u to have doubts in me
No..I will never do it again because,
No..I don't ever EVER wanna lose you

Yes..It felt shitty having to keep u in the dark
Yes..I feel damn guilty about it
Yes..I am truly truly sorry
Yes..I shall do whatever it takes to make it up to u
Yes..I hope you've forgiven me
Yes..I promise to try my very best to be a good boyfriend
Yes..I assure u my words because,
Yes..I love you with all my heart

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