Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cintaku Tertinggal Di Malaysia


Anonymous said... sweet....jgn lupa kt kitaorg ye...coz u r always be here with our heart...

Anonymous said...

things u dont know about GURL

When a GURL is quiet,
millions of things r running in her minds..

When a GURL is not arguing,
she is thinking deeply..

When a GURL look at u with eyes full of quetions,
she is wondering how long u ill be around...

but when a GURL stares at u.
she is wondering y u r lying..

When a GURL sms's u everyday,
she want u to reply at least once...

when a GURL says i love u,
she really mean it..

And when a GURL says 'i miss u'
no one in this world can miss u more than her....

am i rite?? hehehe. =AS=