Thursday, August 6, 2009

Outing Session with all my little sister

mamam2 juga sambil fb..hehehe..
me and yeyen 2nd Sis
me.Loly,and BB (1st sis and 3rd sis)
Yeyen and BB (My both Lovely sis)
Yeyen yg lapar.. (2nd sis)
BB (3rd sis) yg paling happening..Muka gumbira dpat mkn..

Yeyen lagi..
Loly( gengster ni x padan dengan kecik)
MCD @ Bangsar is la wajah2 my little sister..all of them jauh sgt2 stay in sabah,so once day all here..we dont miss out the chance to do outing together,here is several picture taken..waduh..waduh..abisi gue kena blanja diorang..but anyway its fun,skali skala spending on all of them dah pun balik ke sabah..huhuhu..cedih..cedih..anyway as a big brother,wishing all of them study hard and smart..~Love u all~

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha..haku jugak yg paling comel..
kenyang puji diri sendirik~

---Fatin FaRhah---