Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sometimes i wonder why God let me fall in love,
if he is not meant to be with me. Becoz at the end
there will be a heart that hurts, people that cry, and
we have to start a new chapter in life whether we
like it or not. To take a new step and never look back.

But then i realized, better have than never. At least
i have the chance to feel love and be loved. And i thank
God because he let me fall in love with such a good person,
even there is an end, but the memory that i have will
always continue remain in my life...

Life in unpredictable, sometimes we thought we know
everything, but the fact is we never knew...
I've failed and success in my life, and im thankful for all
of that. Because i believed, in everything that ever happen,
there's a reason and miracle behind of it...
And this is what I called LIFE..


Anonymous said...

i really like dis poem...n d symbolic of dis pic.....emmmm...

farid said...

Thanks alot for ur comment,yeah life is hard..sumtimes we think thought we know,but fact we still looking into sumting better..